Infrastructure projects in Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour

Expressway at Glasgow Harbour at night

Clydeside Expressway

Important improvements to the Clydeside Expressway (A814) have been put in place to create access to the Glasgow Harbour development and  improve the local road network.

A series of infrastructure projects has helped to ensure that the area is properly integrated with the rest of the Clyde corridor.

Improvements to the Expressway at Glasgow Harbour improve road links in the area.

Partick Interchange, an important transport hub for bus, rail and subway has seen a major overhaul.

On the river, new pontoons at Water Row and Yorkhill Quay improve access to the water.

Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour / Infrastructure

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Project Name District Category Status
Central Govan action plan Govan Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Leisure, Public Amenity, Retail Construction
Expressway at Glasgow Harbour Glasgow Harbour Infrastructure, Public Amenity Completed
Glasgow Harbour Glasgow Harbour Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Leisure, Public Amenity, Retail Construction
Govan flood management Govan Infrastructure Planning
Kelvin Harbour Glasgow Harbour Infrastructure, Leisure, Public Amenity Completed
Langlands Path Govan Infrastructure, Public Amenity Completed
Partick Interchange rebuilding Partick Infrastructure Completed
Water Row pontoon Govan Infrastructure Completed
Yorkhill Quay pontoon Glasgow Harbour Infrastructure Completed