The ancient royal burgh of Renfrew lies between the White Cart and the Clyde.

The town is connected with the north side of  the river by the Renfrew-Yoker ferry crossing. The ferry house on the south side is now the Ferry Inn. Back in the 12th century the Clyde ran right up to Renfrew with 'inches', or islets, in the middle. Renfrew Castle (where James III of Scotland spent some time) once stood on King's Inch but the islet was gradually absorbed into Renfrew as the waterway silted up and the rest of the river was made navigable.

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  • Inchinnan Bascule Bridge

    The Inchinnan Bascule bridge was built in 1923 to replace an earlier swing bridge, allowing vessels upriver to Paisley.

  • Renfrew Ferry

    The Renfrew - Yoker Ferry was a major crossing point on the River Clyde until it was superseded by the Clyde Tunnel and Erskine Bridge.

  • Simons and Lobnitz

    1300 dredgers were built at Renfrew shipyards by the two competing companies, Simons and Lobnitz, who eventually amalgamated in 1957 and then closed in 1964.