Glasgow Harbour

  • Aerial view of Glasgow Harbour on the north bank
  • Glasgow Harbour masterplan MI2
  • Model of Glasgow Harbour future phases

The Glasgow Harbour development involves a substantial investment in infrastructure, the creation of hundreds of waterfront homes, retail and leisure opportunities as well as a commercial district.

Find a summary of the development of the Glasgw Harbour project on the Glasgow City Council website.

Lead Partner: Glasgow Harbour Ltd (a Peel company)

Other Partners: see individual project pages


Project History
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  • Model of Glasgow Harbour future phases
  • Phase 3 and 4 residential by The Peel Group
  • Phases 3 - 5 residential and the Tesco site by The Peel Group
  • Retail and leisure at Glasgow Harbour by The Peel Group
  • The commercial site in the masterplan by The Peel Group
  • Glasgow Harbour masterplan by The Peel Group


Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour, Glasgow Harbour


Glasgow Harbour is a 130-acre, high-quality mixed-use development on the west end of Glasgow waterfront.  It is one of the flagship projects of the Clyde Waterfront regeneration.

The regeneration of this extensive brownfield site has hugely beneficial economic, tourist and social implications for both Glasgow and Scotland as a whole.

The residential development is being created in phases. Glasgow Harbour phase 1 was completed in in 2007. Glasgow Harbour phase 2 is partially complete and further phases will follow.

Plans are now being developed for retail and leisure facilities at Glasgow Harbour.

Glasgow Harbour commercial district is now serviced and ready to be developed. Outline planning consent was granted by Glasgow City Council in October 2009.

Major infrastructure works have been carried out along the Expressway at Glasgow Harbour with £25 million spent on local roads improvements.

In addition to residential and commercial facilities, Glasgow Harbour features around 50 acres of open public space, and approximately 3km of waterfront walkways.

The city's new Riverside Museum, which opened in June 2011 is located within Glasgow Harbour, on land donated to the city by the developer.

Current status:

Phase 1 residential is complete. The first two stages of  phase 2 residential were completed by 2009 and the final stage is currently on hold.


2005 - 2015


£1.2 billion