Central Govan action plan

Central Govan Action Plan aims to turn around the fortunes of Central Govan by investing in its streets, buildings, public and green space.

  • Illustration of the Govan proprity areas, provided by CGAP
  • Public realm improvements in central Govan
  • New seating as part of the public realm improvements

Lead Partner: Central Govan Action Plan Steering Group

Other Partners: Glasgow City Council; Glasgow South West Regeneration Agency; Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Trust; Govan Housing Association; Elderpark Housing Association; Clydeview Local Housing Partnership; Govan Workspace; Strathclyde Partnership Transport; elected members and community representatives.

Project Team: A three person team co-ordinates Central Govan Action Plan and Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative. Individual projects are managed by the various agencies and individuals who are co-operating to deliver the action plan.


Project History
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  • Public realm improvements in Central Govan
  • Public realm improvements in Central Govan
  • Construction ongoing for improvements to Govan Cross
  • Public realm improvements at Govan Cross
  • Public realm improvements in Govan
  • Public realm improvements in Govan


Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour, Govan


A more important and prestigious settlement than Glasgow in medieval times and the centre of the world's ship building industry in the 19th & 20th centuries, Central Govan has declined both economically and physically over recent decades. To arrest this decline public agencies, working hand in hand with the local community, developed Central Govan Action Plan: a ten year programme to make Central Govan attractive, vibrant and prosperous, a place where people wish to live, work, visit and invest.

The plan contains a comprehensive set of actions including: new mixed tenure residential development; public realm improvements; restoration and reuse of historic buildings; the creation of new and improved business, commercial and community space, as well as measures to improve landscaping and movement throughout the town centre.

Preserving and promoting Central Govan's rich heritage, particularly it's beautiful surviving listed buildings, is a key priority. As such, Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative forms a key part of the Central Govan Action Plan. Funded by Heritage Lottery and Glasgow City Council, this grant giving programme focuses particularly on the restoration and preservation of key heritage features at Govan Cross, using the improvements to re-establish Central Govan's unique character and to improve the town centre's commercial prospects and quality of life.

More detail about the  various CGAP projects can be found below.


More than 500 new, mixed tenure homes are being built between 2009 and 2012 through CGAP Housing Projects, an investment of £68 million that will boost the local population by more than 1800 people.

Public Realm

£2 million of public realm improvements were completed at Govan Cross in Spring 2011, creating an attractive and vibrant civic space at the heart of the town centre. A further phase of improvements will take place at Water Row. A new pontoon was created in 2011, which is now providing the landing stage for the Govan Ferry to provide a service to the Riverside Museum and Glasgow Harbour.

Historic Buildings

A restoration programme for Govan's Historic Buildings is well underway. The former Orkney Street Police Station (£3.6 million) has been redeveloped as the Orkney Street Enterprise Centre. Refurbishment has been completed at Fairfield Shipyard Offices. Discussions are taking place to secure a successful future for Govan Old Parish Church.

Shop Front Improvement

The Portal project Phase 1 and 2 is complete, providing accommodation for local arts organisations and independent artists. A traditional shop front improvement programme will target properties at Burleigh Street, Water Row and Langlands Road.

Landscaping and Infrastructure

Short term improvements are complete at Langlands Path with major improvements planned to create a key pedestrian and cycle route reconnecting the town centre with residential areas and services.

Community and Leisure Facilities

A phased restoration programme for the Pearce Institute began in Spring 2010 to safeguard the civic heart of Central Govan. Plans to relocate and rebuild Riverside Hall are at feasibility and business planning stage.

Find more up to date info about CGAP projects on the Get into Govan website.

Current status:

The implementation of Central Govan Action Plan is well underway and includes a multitude of projects at various stages of delivery, each managed by the various agencies helping to deliver the action plan.


2006 - 2016


Approx £120 million of public and private investment

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