Housing projects in Clydebank and Erskine

Completion of Queens Gate, Cart Street

Queen's Gate

The £5.1 million  Queen's Gate Housing project at Cart Street, Clydebank provides the first "eco-friendly" homes in Clydebank.

The people of Clydebank rightly have a strong sense of identity and heritage.

As improved and new housing opportunities are realised, more local people will stay in the area and new people will be attracted into the town.

The sheltered housing project completed at Rashielee South in Erskine is an example of quality redevelopment for local people.

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Project Name District Category Status
Dalmuir regeneration project Dalmuir Housing Completed
Queens Gate, Cart Street Queens Quay Housing Completed
Queens Quay residential phase 1 Queens Quay Commercial, Housing Planning
Rashielee North Erskine Housing Completed
Rashielee South Sheltered Housing Erskine Housing Completed
The Link Dalmuir Housing Completed