Commercial projects in Clydebank and Erskine

Change at Clyde Gate

Clyde Gate

The new commercial area at Clyde Gate includes a public park, access to the riverside complemented with a new walkway along the full length of the business park.

A series of commercial and industrial developments have been completed, helping to make Clydebank a high quality location for business and industry.

Through the Clydebank Re-built partnership, the town has diversified from its declining traditional industries of shipbuilding and engineering, increasing new employment opportunities as a result.

Developments such as Queens Quay Enterprise and Learning District are helping to create a modern and unique riverside location, ideal for business relocation.

Clydebank & Erskine / Commercial

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Project Name District Category Status
Aurora House Queens Quay Commercial Completed
Carus House Clydebank Town Centre Commercial Completed
Clyde Gate Hospital Gate Commercial Completed
Clydebank East Workshops Clydebank Town Centre Commercial Construction
John Knox Street Workshops Phase 1 John Knox Street Commercial Completed
John Knox Street workshops phase 2 John Knox Street Commercial Completed
Queens Quay Enterprise District Queens Quay Commercial Completed
Queens Quay residential phase 1 Queens Quay Commercial, Housing Planning
Rothesay Dock East boatyard Rothesay Dock Commercial Completed