Infrastructure projects in Clydebank and Erskine

Queen's Quay Pontoon

Queen's Quay Pontoon

A new pontoon has been created at Queen's Quay, immediately in front of the Clydebank College's riverside entrance

Infrastructure projects are contributing to regeneration in the town centre and on the waterfront.

In the town an integrated Clydebank transport hub is helping to make the area better connected for local people and businesses.

On the river, the Queens Quay pontoon provides an imprortant stopping point.

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Project Name District Category Status
Agamemnon Street Hospital Gate Infrastructure, Public Amenity Completed
New Clydebank transport hub Clydebank Town Centre Infrastructure Completed
North Clyde Recycling Centre Rothesay Dock Infrastructure, Public Amenity Planning
Queens Quay Pontoon Queens Quay Infrastructure Completed