Great places to live in Govan

New build in central Govan

New build housing projects in the centre of the Govan are breathing life into the town centre and attracting people back to live in the community. Together with the refurbishment of Govan Cross, there is a strong sense that change is taking hold.

Housing projects have helped to lead the way in transforming the town centre. Elderpark Housing Association, Linthouse Housing Association and Govan Housing Association are all playing important roles in creating a mix of housing, including social rent, low cost purchase schemes  and houses with high levels of accessibility.

See an image gallery of Govan housing projects here.

Population Boost

Significant housing projects have been completed recently and others are under construction.  In the central Govan Action Plan area a total  508 new homes  will be created for over 1,800 people - a  population boost that will bring new spending power and vitality to Govan town centre. Improvements to the public realm at Govan Cross, combined with the recently completed housing projects  have already made a marked difference to the feel of the area.

New build

Fiona Maguire, Govan Housing Association says, "As you drive through Govan Town centre you can't help but be amazed at the level of new-build activity that is currently going on. Govan Housing Association has completed 2 large scale housing development in the last 7 months which have provided 135 mixed tenure new homes to the community.  We currently have 3 more contracts on site and at long last you can feel that Govan is undergoing a transformation.  The excitement is palpable.  The recent public realm investments have radically improved Govan Cross and reinforced that Govan is a great place to live, work and visit."

Feeling the benefit

Commenting on the developments, Shirley McKnight, Elderpark Housing Association said, "It is heartening to see the work of Govan Town Centre Action Plan Steering Group coming to fruition.  After long years of hard work the benefits are now there for the whole community.  Over 500 new build houses and flats have been built for rent, sale and shared equity allowing local people and particularly first time buyers an opportunity to purchase a high quality spacious home.

"The improvement works in and around Govan Cross and the Pearce Institute have made the area much more attractive to visitors and locals alike.  The regeneration of Govan is transforming the area and providing much needed jobs for local people.  This could not have been achieved without the commitment and partnership of all the agencies involved."

See the difference

Susan Hanlin of Glasgow's Regeneration Agency, project manager for the Central Govan Action  Plan, comments on the change that has been taking place in Govan. "You'll find that Central Govan, with its desirable range of contemporary new homes, exceptional heritage, wonderful historic buildings, stylish public space and even a new ferry link to the West End, has much to offer those looking to get their first foot on the property ladder. Top quality housing design, affordable house prices and tailored help to navigate the house buying process are certainly helping to attract those people wishing to move into an up and coming riverside community just minutes from Glasgow city centre. I'm delighted that working families, couples and young people are choosing to invest in their own future by choosing to live Govan."

Recently completed projects

Pearce Street (2010) 27 new build amenity flats

Aboukir Street (October 2010) 24 new built flats for social rent and low cost purchase.

10 Elderpark Street
(Nov 2010) 10 new build amenity flats in a gap site, for social rent

Riverside Edge (Dec 2010) 58 units for social rent and low cost purchase.

Elderpark Street and Langlands Road (summer 2011) 14 refurbished flats

Orkney Street Gateway (spring 2011) 79 mixed tenure flats and houses

Parkcourt (summer 2011) 109 new houses


Projects under way

Golspie Street (due for completion spring 2012) 102 apartments

St Saviours (due for completion spring 2012) 65 homes, mix of flats and houses

Garmouth Street
(due for completion summer 2012 ) 106 houses, mixed tenure development




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