Public amenity projects from Old Kilpatrick to Dumbarton

The Saltings local nature reserve

The Saltings

This riverside woodland and meadow has now received Local Nature Reserve (LNR) status -  the first within West Dunbartonshire.

West Dumbartonshire Council have already developed a  masterplan to redevelop the town centre of Dumbarton.

In addition, the Lomondgate development will create a range of services of value to residents, businesses and passing toursists.

This diverse area also offers areas where local people and visitors can enjoy the riverside in more rural locations such as The Saltings.

Old Kilpatrick to Dumbarton / Public Amenity

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Project Name District Category Status
Bowling Basin Bowling Housing, Leisure, Public Amenity Planning
Bowling Harbour and The Saltings Public Amenity Planning
Clydebank College Dumbarton Campus Dumbarton Public Amenity Completed
Dumbarton Academy Dumbarton Public Amenity Completed
Dumbarton Quayside Improvements Dumbarton Public Amenity Construction
Dumbarton Sheriff Court extension Dumbarton Public Amenity Completed
Dumbarton Town Centre Dumbarton Public Amenity, Retail Construction
Ferry swing bridge Old Kilpatrick Public Amenity Completed
Levengrove Park Dumbarton Public Amenity Planning
The Saltings Old Kilpatrick Public Amenity Construction