Anderston Quay

  • Aerial view of Anderson Quay to the north

Project History
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Pacific Quay & SECC, Finnieston


A detailed River Clyde flood management strategy has been prepared by Glasgow City Council.  This identified early action areas where improvements to flood defences are required.  One of these areas is Anderston Quay.  Consultation is in progress on the following proposals.

Flood defences
Flood defences will be required, as there is a requirement to protect to a flood defence design level of 6.0m AOD. This level provides protection for a flood event of 0.5% (1 in 200 year) probability, taking into consideration climate change and freeboard levels. The defences will be incorporated as part of the improved high quality public realm and bolstered with folding demountable defences.

Quay wall stability
No remedial works to the structure itself are proposed and the stability enhancement measures are limited to placement of rip rap ballast at the toe of the wall.

Public realm
A large public realm area is proposed.  It is anticipated that the spaces will be able to accommodate built form and stops for Fastlink, both of which will ensure the areas are well used 24 hours a day.  This will also be the north end of the Finnieston Springfield bridge proposed to link north and south banks in this area.

It is proposed that street furniture and hard landscape elements will be of high quality and design, mirroring successful schemes within the city centre.

Consultation has taken place on the preliminary design proposals and feedback is being taken on board to develop the proposals further.  The potential for use of the river for moorings in this area is also being assessed.

Current status:

Design in progress. Approval and implementation linked to Clyde Fastlink.