Hotel deal could rescue Egyptian Halls

08 Aug 2012

The Egyptian Halls in Union Street could be refurbished as a city centre hotel, if plans to save the historic building can be realised.

A campaign to save one of Glasgow's most historic buildings from demolition may have reached a major turning point.

The owners of the Egyptian Halls, built by Alexander 'Greek' Thomson, are said to be close to finalising a hotel deal that could ensure the preservation of the A-listed building in Union Street, opposite Central Station, according to the Evening times.

The halls, completed in 1872, are recognised as the finest surviving example of Thomson's commercial buildings.

A new planning application is expected to be submitted to Glasgow City Council later this month. The building has been lying empty for more than 30 years and is in poor condition.

A spokesman for Historic Scotland said: "Egyptian Halls is one of Glasgow's most important buildings.

"It has been underused for many years and we strongly support any scheme that conserves, re-uses and celebrates its unique place among the city's superb collection of historic architecture."

Union Street Properties and sister company Union Street Investments have so far spent £5m on the project. The city council previously agreed a £1m grant and Historic Scotland a grant of about £1.65m.

Source:   Evening Times - Hotel deal 'close' in bid to save halls