Mapping the View from The Glasgow Tower

Apply knowledge and understanding of bearings in maths. Learners work in teams in the task of pinpointing key landmarks seen from the tower and designing a tourist leaflet (as publishing companies).

Broad Outcomes of learning

  • Subject knowledge in bearings gained and enhanced
  • Enterprise skills - application of knowledge in a real situation by producing worthwhile document
  • Employability skills communication, planning, organisation, time management, researching, presenting, analysing, sourcing, negotiating, co-operating, contributing, reporting, etc)
  • Confidence of working independently from teacher-led lessons demonstrated by pupils being able to use maths in a real life context
  • Pupils take responsibility for their learning through making decisions about which landmarks to pinpoint and how to present leaflet
  • Learners have developed enterprising skills identified as 4 capacities of CfE

Relevance to curriculum

  • Supports CfE Mathematics
  • Relevance of how curriculum topic on bearings is relevant to work and life and how this subject knowledge is put into practice in a real situation

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