Glasgow tourism marketing challenge

This lesson involves the children working in small groups (approx 4) in a real-life context to design and present a campaign to attract tourists to Glasgow with a focus on the waterfront.

The children will explore the issues surrounding tourism, the importance to the economy measured again environmental issues before designing a campaign featuring a presentation supported by PowerPoint slides to encourage tourists to visit Glasgow and waterfront attractions.  The presentation could be given to parents to encourage staying in Glasgow over holidays and visiting the waterfront attractions or to a partner school in a different country to encourage children and their parents to visit Glasgow and waterfront attractions.

Broad Outcomes of learning

  • Clearer understanding of the community around them
  • Can identify the importance of tourism to the local community
  • Ability to use the internet to research critically
  • A deeper knowledge of ICT through making brochures and PowerPoint
  • Enterprise and employability skills developed - decision making, co-operating, negotiating, communicating and presenting

Relevance to curriculum

  • Relevance of how tourism directly impacts the economy of a nation
  • Environmental concerns linked with tourism and how the tourist industry has influenced the physical and human landscape
  • Learners will gain invaluable learning about themselves and their communities while developing extensive life and work skills in a variety of curricular areas

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