Creation of a Mini Phrase Book

The project is a creative way of finishing off the section on Tourism. It will allow the learners to reinforce their language and translation skills gained during this project as well as allowing them to use their now enhanced knowledge of tourism in Glasgow. The learners will create a mini phrase book containing basic yet important structures to help foreign visitors coming to Glasgow. Although the learners would decide the content of the phrase book, it is suggested that it should contain sections on booking a hotel room, eating out, changing money, going to the doctors etc. The learners will market their phrase book to outside agencies within the tourist sector i.e. hotels, tourist information offices, airline companies, etc.

Broad Outcomes of learning

  • Subject knowledge gained and enhanced
  • Develop ICT skills through research on the internet and presentation of finished phrase book
  • Cross curricular links developed
  • Language, social and enterprising skills used in a real life situation
  • Developed enterprise skills such as team work, responsibility, co-operating, negotiating
  • Employability skills through application of knowledge in a real situation
  • Presented and marketed their finished work to the tourist industry

Relevance to curriculum

  • Develops language, translation and dictionary skills both in the foreign language and English
  • Cross curricular
  • Relevant to the four key factors of CfE
  • Relevance of seeing a project being used in the real world

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