Creating a Tourist Leaflet for Glasgow

This lesson/project idea will allow the learners to use their language, presentation, art, ICT and social skills to create a tourist leaflet in the foreign language. It will also develop their knowledge about the city in which they live and the surrounding area. The learners will work in groups with the task of designing a mini leaflet for the tourist board for foreign visitors. Each group can either design a whole leaflet each or each group can be responsible for one part of the leaflet.

Broad Outcomes of learning

  • Subject knowledge gained and enhanced
  • Ability to use a foreign language and other subject knowledge in a real life context
  • Enhanced ICT and presentation skills through research on the Internet, graphic design, need to present the leaflet / part of the leaflet to the rest of the class and outside agencies
  • Developed enterprising skills and attitudes (CfE) through working on problems in a team and evaluating individual and team work as they progress (additional self-development)
  • Ability to design a survey with questions in the foreign language - an insight into what foreign tourists wish to know about Glasgow and surrounding area
  • Gained knowledge about how to gather, analyze and evaluate data from the results of the survey and use this information as a springboard to create the tourist leaflet
  • Developed confidence in working independently and in groups
  • Assumed responsibility for their learning through making decisions and solving problems
  • Produced a tangible / relevant piece of work at the end which could be used in real situations

Relevance to curriculum

  • Develops language skills by applying knowledge in a real situation
  • Cross curricular
  • Relevant to key elements of Curriculum For Excellence

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