Clyde Waterfront celebrates

The given project brief is - 'The Clyde Waterfront board wants to hold a PR event for the developers, businesses and other important people involved in the River Clyde. You are an events/catering company and want to pitch to win the contract to organise the event. Make up a presentation on your theme, venue and format for the event. You should have examples of marketing, invitations, menus, hall set-up, etc. Clyde Waterfront will judge and award the contract to the most creative but realistic group'.

In small groups learners will plan the event. They will have to come up with a company name, theme, invitations, menu and a run down of the entertainment. They should also come up with a sample of the decorations they should use. Learners should pick a suitable venue. They will present these to a panel of judges who will award the contract.

Broad Outcomes of learning

  • Oral presentation skills developed
  • Writing skills enhanced in a purposeful way
  • Understanding of event organisation enhanced
  • Experience of working in teams
  • Confidence gained through working independently from teacher-led lessons
  • 4 capacities of CfE developed

Relevance to curriculum

  • Supports CfE Languages

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