River basin support materials

Use these materials to explore current plans to maintain the River Clyde. We've included the Glasgow strategic drainage plan and well as flood prevention plans for different parts of the river. There is also historical information here, some of it recent and some from longer ago. Find out about the Shettleston floods in 2002 and a flood in 1994 which affected Glasgow's low level trains. There are glimpses of the past from a book published in 1894 and a history of the Clyde by John Riddell, engineer and author.


Resource title Short description Type
River basin theme briefing An overview of the river basin across the three main subjects of • The canalisation of the Clyde • Flood risks and prevention • Water quality and habitat PDF (568 KB)
Clydeport Clydeport manages the operational harbours including King George V Dock and Rothesay Dock. They are also responsible for managing the safe use of the river from the Clyde Estuary to the Albert Bridge in the centre of Glasgow. Web link
John Riddell - engineer and author John Riddell has contributed to the Glasgow Story website with information on the development of the river and its trade. He also wrote books which may be available from the library. "The Clyde: The Making of a River" Publisher: Birlinn Ltd; New Ed edition (May 2000) ISBN-10: 0859765261. "The Clyde" Publisher: Fairlie P (April 1988) ISBN-10: 1871209005 is a slimmer book with more pictures. Web link
SEPA flood maps SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) has developed flood risk maps for Scotland which can be viewed here. Web link
Glasgow Strategic Drainage Plan SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) has developed flood risk maps for Scotland which can be viewed here. Web link
Flood prevention - Glasgow Glasgow City Council has some information on flood prevention on their website. Web link
1994 River Kelvin flood In 1994 the River Kelvin flooded and ran through old railway tunnels to fill the Argyle low level railway. This page from Hidden Glasgow has details of this event. Web link
History of fishing on the Clyde Information from the River Clyde Fisheries Management Trust on the key dates for fishing on the river from the earliest permits to recent fishing improvement works. Web link
World Wide Fund for Nature report on flooding Flooding report prepared in 2002 using Clyde as a case study. Some of the conclusions are now out of date but it provides useful and clear background on the issues plus excellent illustrations. Web link
Sustainable drainage at Pacific Quay Paper on the drainage system at BBC Pacific Quay entitled "Just passing through: surface water management and urban form" Web link
Glimpse of old Glasgow - River Clyde 1894 A chapter on the river from a book published in 1894. Web link
Glimpses of Old Glasgow - sewage works Chapter from a book published in 1894 describing the then newly completed sewage works at Dalmarnock. Web link
SUDS - Sustainable Urban Drainage General information about SUDS - sustainable urban drainage from the CIRIA website. CIRIA is the construction industry research body. Web link