Making a music CD and putting on a performance

This lesson/project idea will allow learners to research Scottish music based on themes along the Clyde e.g. shipbuilding etc, and apply this knowledge in order to produce a recording.  The learners will carry out research on their topic and put on a final performance for the elderly in a residential care home or at a good companions club which would give the project a real life input. The learners will work responsibly in small groups to research, compose and record their piece of music. The CDs may be sold as part of an enterprise project for fund raising.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Subject knowledge gained and enhanced by working on a specific theme, identifying appropriate instruments to be used. Developed musical, instrumental and performance skills as well as an increased knowledge of recording equipment 
• Enterprising skills improved by developing creativity, confidence, motivation towards their own learning, decision making skills, responsible attitudes, considering others and working as part of a team 
• Employability skills: planning, communication, time management, researching, recording evidence, co-operating, contributing and presenting 
• Confidence of working independently demonstrated by researching in groups, selecting appropriate instruments, composing and noting down group ideas. Expressing their own thoughts, opinions and research through the medium of their own music 
• Learners take responsibility for their learning through making decisions about which area/trade from the Clyde-side to focus on, the style to which their music will follow, who they will perform to, the design of their CD cover, the other details to be decided on as a class/group 
• Learners have developed four capacities of ACfE

Relevance to curriculum

• Supports CfE Music 
• Relevance of how curriculum topic on Scottish music is relevant to the history of where we live and how this subject knowledge can be put into practice in a real situation (recording/making a CD)

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