Sporting hero sculptures

This lesson idea celebrates Glasgow's successful bid to host the Commonwealth Games 2014.
Commissioned as artists to a Glasgow-based sculpture firm, learners will, in design teams, research the broad variety of sports disciplines involved in the Commonwealth Games 2014 to create a range of sculpted images of famous Glasgow sportsmen and women to be erected along the Clyde waterfront.

Learners will focus on and be inspired by the work of artists and sculptors from Glasgow - Andy Scott (1964) and that of the Glasgow Sculpture Studio sculptors and those whose works were inspired by the human form, to create their design based on the past, and hopefully future, of the Sports Industry in Glasgow and Scotland.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Knowledge and understanding of 'Art and culture' topic gained and enhanced 
• Knowledge and Understanding of the work of sculptors enhanced through a study of local modern sculptor - Andy Scott (1964) and that of the Glasgow Sculpture Studio, sculptors 
• Art & Design technical & creative skills developed in modelling, moulding and sculpting 
• Knowledge and Understanding of the work of artists and sculptors in the History of Art - eg Giacometti, Sir Henry Moore, Michaelangelo, Rodin etc 
• Evaluation of ideas in response to a design brief 
• Knowledge and Understanding of the use of the visual elements in creating a visual image 
• Critical skills of 'evaluating and appreciating' developed through class discussion of other artists' work 
• Understanding of a variety of ways of recording - sketching, photography, sculpting etc 
• Research and enquiry skills gained and enhanced 
• Employability skills enhanced - application of knowledge in a real situation by working as artists and sculptors commissioned to design a product understanding it's purpose 
• Employability skills developed such as, knowledge of business - working within a timescale; establishing roles and responsibilities; working to a design brief to create a product; contributing and working collaboratively; researching work by other artists and sculptors and studying techniques; communicating and sharing ideas 
• Pupils take responsibility for their learning through cooperative decision making 
• Confidence gained in working independently 
• Learners make effective contribution through roles and responsibilities within their design team 
• Presentation of products - gallery display of knowledge

Relevance to curriculum

• Relevance of Art & Design & sculpture to the 'Work of Work' - variety of art-related career choices 
• Supports 5-14 Art & Design - Level D/E outcomes 
• Glasgow 2014 links to Health promoting schools - sports/physical well being link

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