Titan Crane

You can now enjoy a panoramic view of Clydeside from the top of the Titan Crane. Completed in 1907, this was the first of the four surviving cantilever cranes on the Clyde.

Its 150-ton capacity, later increased to support the war effort,was capable of lifting the heaviest boilers and gun mountings into newly built ships. The crane has been restored through Clydebank Re-built which is fostering major regeneration of the area.

From the vantage point of the crane you can see the remains of the slips where the Lusitania (1906), HMS Hood (1918), Queen Mary (1934), Queen Elizabeth (1938), the royal yacht Britannia (1953) and the Queen Elizabeth II (1967) were launched. Without the extra space created by the mouth of the River Cart opposite there would not have been enough room to launch these great ships.

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