Infrastructure projects in Glasgow City Centre

The Squiggly Bridge at night

Broomielaw-Tradeston bridge

The Squiggly Bridge opened in 2009, providing an important predestrian and cycle link  between the growing IFSD and Tradeston.

Recent investment in infrastructure is supporting the growing numbers of commuters and visitors who will be attracted to the waterfront.

New bridges across the Clyde have been created to provide important connections. The Broomielaw-Tradeston Bridge is connecting the south of the river with the city centre. The massive M74 extension project created a new junction with the M8 to the south of the Kingston Bridge and has improved traffic flow and connections through the city.

Fastlink is an important project, providing a tramlike experience based on a high quality bus link. It will play a key role in linking the city centre with the new South Glasgow Hospital.

In addition, a series of river footpaths and cycleways are being created along the Clyde corridor.

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Project Name District Category Status
Anderston's Bridge to Nowhere Finnieston Infrastructure, Public Amenity Completed
Broomielaw and Tradeston riverside IFSD Infrastructure, Public Amenity Completed
Broomielaw-Tradeston bridge ('Squiggly Bridge') Tradeston Infrastructure, Public Amenity Completed
Laurieston local development strategy Laurieston Commercial, Housing, Infrastructure, Leisure, Public Amenity, Retail Construction
M74 - M8 interchange Tradeston Infrastructure Completed
Scour protection works Infrastructure Completed
St Andrew's suspension bridge Glasgow Green Infrastructure, Public Amenity Completed
St Enoch's Subway upgrade IFSD Infrastructure Construction