Sailing on the Clyde

  • Yachts at SECC
  • Tall ship at Pacific Quay
  • Boats on the River Clyde

Lead Partner: Clyde Waterfront

Other Partners: Glasgow City Council, West Dunbartonshire Council, Renfrewshire Council and Clydeport.

Project History
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  • Tall ship at Pacific Quay
  • Boats on the River Clyde
  • Yacht on the Clyde
  • Sailing past the BBC
  • The Waverley paddle steamer
  • The BBC pontoon
  • The River Link
  • In full sail on the Clyde
  • Tourists watching boats
  • Yachts in the canting basin




As the plans to regenerate the Clyde have grown and developed, there has been a notable increase in interest in new tourism ventures along the waterfront, as companies take advantage of emerging business opportunities.

New infrastructure improvements, including new pontoons, the river clean-up and CCTV along the waterfront, have also helped to enhance the attractiveness of the waterfront.

A study was carried out on the potential to grow sailing activity in the Clyde estuary. This identifies locations for facilities in Glasgow, Renfrew and Clydebank to encourage waterbourne visitors and, in the long term, potential for marina development.

A recently completed study entitled "Sailing Tourism in Scotland, Status and Opportunity" concluded that the Scottish focus of future development of home port facilities should be on the Clyde.

Current status:

Clydebank Rebuilt has completed the construction of a new pontoon for visitors near to the Titan Crane and Glasgow City Council has completed a similar facility at Plantation Quay next to the Science Centre.

Scottish Enterprise is currently marketing the Canting Basin (behind the Science Centre) as a possible site for a City Centre Marina.

Clyde Waterfront is actively marketing the river to the sailing fraternity through the inclusions of River Clyde pontoons and havens in the Welcome Anchorages publication  and in encouraging the Clyde Cruising Club and Imray Charts to include the River in their future publications.