Glasgow strategic drainage plan

  • example of drainage and flood prevention method
  • Localised flooding

Lead Partner: Glasgow City Council

Other Partners: Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Water, Scottish Enterprise

Project History
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  • Quay wall improvements at the Kelvin
  • Quay wall improvements at the Kelvin
  • Localised flooding
  • Drainage requiring upgrading
  • Improved paving




The Glasgow Strategic Drainage Plan (GSDP) is being undertaken in recognition of the need for an integrated sustainable approach to sewerage and drainage masterplanning for the city. The objectives of the GSDP are:

•    Removal of development constraints
•    Flood risk reduction
•    Water quality improvement
•    Watercourse habitat improvement
•    Integrated and optimised investment planning

The GSDP is being promoted and guided by a steering group comprising Scottish Water, Glasgow City Council, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Scottish Enterprise.  Glasgow City Council chairs the group.

Current status:


Continuous for foreseeable future.