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The Clyde Waterfront website features thousands of images relating to the regeneration of the land on either side of the River Clyde. The image galleries allow you to explore the story of regeneration through some of our highlight images.

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Children's impressions of the Aitken Memorial Fountain

Aitken Memorial Fountain, Linking heritage and regeneration

A group of children at Hills Trust Primary school got involved in creating artwork of the Aitken Memorial Fountain. The fountain at Govan Cross is an important symbol for the people of the area and is currently being restored as part of the restoration work at Govan Cross.

Clyde Arc during construction

Building of the Clyde Arc, A symbol of waterfront regeneration

Relive the building of the Clyde Arc. The landmark structure is so much a part of the Glasgow skyline it is easy to forget that the important bridge link was only completed in 2006. The bridge was the first surface level bridge to be build across the Clyde in Glasgow since 1969.


Commercial activity on the River Clyde, Clyde-built a lasting legacy

The River Clyde continues to provide an important focus for commercial activity both in the city and down-river towards Renfrew, Clydebank and Dumbarton.

The Digital Media Quarter

Creative Clyde, A focal point for creativity

Creative Clyde at Pacific Quay is providing a dynamic focus for Scottish creative and media companies to come together. Dramatic new buildings have transformed the area around the science centre.

Ferry Village homes

Ferry Village homes, Riverside living

Follow the progress as the story of residential development at Ferry Village continues to develop. This key housing area, close to the River Clyde, has the outstanding shopping and leisure facilities of Braehead at one end of the development and Renfrew town centre at the other.

Argyle and Buchanan Streets in Glasgow city centre

Glasgow City Centre, A rich architectural legacy

The rich variety of Glasgow's city centre architecture is showcased here as new build development, refurbishments and major infrastructure projects all continue to shape Glasgow's vibrant and dynamic city centre.

Looking across the River Clyde towards the IFSD at night


Close to the Clyde and right at the heart of the city centre, Glasgow's International Financial Services District features high specification office accommodation in new build and refurbished buildings.

Glasgow Harbour phase 1

Glasgow Harbour regeneration, Glasgow Harbour waterfront developments

The regeneration of this extensive brownfield site has hugely beneficial economic, tourist and social implications for both Glasgow and Scotland as a whole.

Glasgow Harbour

Greater Govan & Glasgow Harbour, An impressive heritage

Govan was once the epi-centre of ship building on the Clyde and pockets of grandeur remain as reminders. Vast areas of post industrial land are now being revitalised with new waterfront housing and amenities designed to bring new life to the area.

Dumbarton Rock and Castle

Old Kilpatrick to Dumbarton, Riverfront opportunities

The potential for business, tourism and new housing in this area is gradually being realised as development projects gather momentum. Explore the images to discover major housing building projects underway in Dumbarton, a new-build business park on the edge of the town, as well as old property ready for refurbishment in the town centre.