Vishal Chopra

Head of Tax for Scotland, KPMG LLP

Looking forward, the biggest changes to our organisation in the post Covid era will be ....... as with most businesses, a big adjustment to an increasing number of our people working remotely and in a more agile manner; albeit we are already seeing how efficient this can be.  There are some real positives to working patterns coming out of the past 12 months and it will be important to maintain those when offices start to open up again.  Being clear on how we best interact and work together, how we spend time with clients and how to make the most of our office space will be key.

The future vision for our organisation in Scotland is ...... working towards a sustainable long-term growth strategy which includes ensuring the wellbeing of our people and supporting our clients to build resilience through the current uncertainties they face.

The three best things about working in Scotland are ..... the variety that comes with working with dynamic and entrepreneurial businesses across the country, the friendliness of the Scottish people and  I'm also very grateful for the strong transport links, to help escape to the sun!

My favourite part of Glasgow is ...... the area where I live in the southside of Glasgow and enjoy the variety of great food and drink options we have right on our doorstep.

The most satisfying thing about my job is .... always about the people - the colleagues that support me and the businesses that I work with, both of which energise me

Financial services is a great career choice because ...... there are so many great opportunities to work with a range of businesses across different sectors, build relationships with different stakeholders and add real value to the organisations you work with.  The qualifications and experience of working in this space can open a lot of doors, as your career progresses

The biggest challenge I have faced in my career to date was when .... I've moved to a different team or firm; a handful of times over the past 20 years; yet each has been a significant moment in my career.  I know these moments can often define the future journey and so I've always taken my time to think long and hard before making informed decisions.

The businessperson I most admire is ...... Lord Simon Wolfson, Chief Executive of Next plc. He is someone I've continued to follow ever since I worked there during my university days.  In many ways his business continues to buck the trend in terms of the current challenges facing other long-standing high-street retailers, which is, in a large part, down to his vision and leadership.

Outside of work, I am passionate about ....... my family and, with two young children, most of my spare time is filled.  I exercise as often as I can and when I do get some time to myself I like to attend live sports matches, including Scottish rugby and American Football which is often hosted in London.

My approach to achieving work life balance is ....... to constantly challenge what I'm doing, when I'm doing it, and how I'm doing it.  I still haven't cracked this by the way!

First ever job? Paperboy

Favourite boxset? The Wire

Favourite band? Stereophonics

Sunshine or snow? Sunshine

And, finally, what three words best sum you up? Driven, energetic, sociable

  • Vishal Chopra