Robin McBurnie, Glasgow Office Senior Partner, PwC

Looking forward, the biggest changes to our organisation in the post Covid era will be

Our ability to collaborate whilst adjusting to not having everyone under the same roof. We have proved that we can deliver for our clients remotely but most of our teams agree it is just not the same as meeting up in person. We are a people-centric organisation and we all get our energy from being around one another so will need to adapt by doing this less frequently. The Glasgow office however is more than a place, it's a community and we have the tools to continue to add value to our clients and to collaborate through technology when face to face is not possible.

The future vision for our organisation in Glasgow is

to be the leading firm in the market in the west of Scotland for professional services - and I don't just mean in terms of traditional measures. We want to live out our purpose of helping our clients to recover from the recession and we will do this by teaming together to bring the best the firm has to offer in terms of a range of services, whether it be through deals, assurance, tax or consulting services.

The three best things about working in Glasgow are;

Diversity - perhaps not in its purest sense but we truly have a diverse workforce of talent and people who care for each other and want to make a difference in everything they do.

Accessibility -  living in the city means no big commute - it is a treat to be able to travel home in 15 minutes, and I also have the ability to wake up in the morning, take a flight to London and be in our head office before most of my Londoner colleagues - though thankfully I don't have to do that so much these days.

Connectivity - whilst I have travelled for much of my career, I have lived in Glasgow for all of my life, so popping out at lunchtime and bumping into former colleagues, classmates and friends  is a great reminder of how connected Glaswegians are.

My favourite part of Glasgow is

The West End. I will admit coming from the West End. I am biased, but a walk through the Botanics with my wife Katy and the dog, and then a coffee in Byres Road or a catch up with friends over a beer is something I often take for granted but shouldn't.

The most satisfying thing about my job is

No two days are ever the same - and there is no such thing as routine at PwC so variety is the spice of life but it doesn't come close to the best thing about PwC - my colleagues. I have been lucky to work with so many great colleagues who surprise me everyday with their passion in serving our clients, their resilience and their creativity to deliver value and go above and beyond.

Financial services is a great career choice because

I haven't always worked in Financial Services but have done for the last seven years - I have worked in consulting for 20 years across government and private business which has been fascinating to understand how the different cultures impact behaviours. In Financial Services, the level of change since 2008 has been fast-paced, and the M&A activity in the market has meant there have been so many opportunities to help our clients with integration and transformation. Technology has been the biggest change to impact the industry in the last 20 years.

The biggest challenge I have faced in my career to date was when

things didn't go to plan. Without going into detail, a former client's business didn't turn out the way we had hoped. It is difficult not to take it personally, looking at what I could have done differently. But that's when you realise working in professional services is a team game, and the team at PwC rallies round to support each other and do the right thing for our clients. It is always a good feeling to get back up and fight again when you have been on your knees and learning from mistakes is a painful but important experience in order to succeed and continue to grow.

The businessperson I most admire is

probably not one single person but someone who shows a number of qualities. I admire anyone who works hard, acts as a role model, is prepared to take risks, looks after their team and puts others above themselves. For that reason, whilst it sounds corny, that would be my father. He has done all of the above and provided a very nice life for us when we are growing up as a family.

Outside of work, I am passionate about

my family of course - but other things - too many things probably! As a sports fan, I am the eternal dreamer with season tickets at too many rugby, football and golf clubs. I would also like to fly planes once again - something I did in a previous life at the University Air Squadron - a long time ago!

My approach to achieving work life balance is

give it your all every day but only do your best without running out of energy - you can't sustain it and can't be at your best if you don't feel great physically and mentally. Maintain regular exercise and have the non-negotiables in your calendar and never remove them. I missed my daughter's birthday once and have regretted it ever since.

First ever job?

A hotel hall porter at One Devonshire Gardens - carrying the suitcases to the rooms of the likes of Billy Connolly and Joan Collins.

Favourite boxset?

Selling Sunset (try it if you dare and don't judge me).

Favourite band?

All of the 80s electronic revolution - now played out best by Calvin Harris and David Guetta (you are never too old)

Sunshine or snow?

Both! In particular, Les Gets in south east France - a perfect summer or winter destination.

And, finally, what three words best sum you up?

Team first, always.

  • Robin McBurnie