Lorraine Findlay

Partner, Gilliland & Company

Looking forward, the biggest changes to our organisation in the post Covid era will be .... the changes to staff working in a more flexible way. The restrictions during the pandemic forced staff to work from home when this had never been the practice within the firm. Through Teams and adapting other software to ensure remote access, we have been successful in many roles, to be able to work from home. In future, some roles will involve more days working from home and this will allow greater flexibility to staff.

The future vision for our organisation in Glasgow is ... to continue to grow and provide excellent service to our clients, new and existing.

The three best things about working in Glasgow are ... the people, the shops and the restaurants.

My favourite part of Glasgow is ... Royal Exchange Square when it is dark and the overhead canopy lights are all on - they look so magical in the darker months when they are lit up

The most satisfying thing about my job is ... when I am able to help clients to ensure their business is as profitable as it can be

Financial services is a great career choice because ... there is such a varied number of options and every day is different.

The biggest challenge I have faced in my career to date was ... when I moved to work near Manchester in 1999/2000. Although only 200 miles away, having to adapt to a new area which was completely unknown was a challenge. It was however a great learning experience for me and I made friends during that time who I still keep in contact with today.

The businessperson I most admire is ... Trinny Woodall. The growth in Trinny London since the start of the pandemic has been amazing.

Outside of work, I am passionate about ... my family. I have a 7 year old daughter and husband, as well as a large extended family.

My approach to achieving work life balance is ... trying to make sure I always spend quality time at the weekends with my family. After fitting in my daughter's various clubs and my husband's golf, we like to have family movie nights, which normally involves a lot of Disney movies. We also like to go on family bike rides together.

First ever job? I worked in a fruit shop

Favourite boxset? Lord of the Rings

Favourite band? The Killers

Sunshine or snow? Snow

And, finally, what three words best sum you up? Reliable, loyal and dependable

  • Lorraine Findlay