Promoting Waterfront Tourism and Leisure Attractions

This project will enhance pupils' knowledge of tourism and leisure facilities around the Clyde. Learners apply their maths skills to produce an itinerary for a day out on the Clydeside for tourists and city residents alike. Learners working in small groups (4-5) named after one of Clyde bridges, will present the information produced in the form of leaflets or an information booklet (or web page, or leaflet or oral presentation to an audience).

Broad Outcomes of learning

  • Subject knowledge of maths linked to environmental studies gained and enhanced
  • Enterprise skills developed: Curriculum for Excellence - working on research in small teams to produce final product, self evaluating, problem solving
  • Employability skills such as research and communication skills enhanced through practical work-exploration and application of research methods
  • Self-confidence and sense of responsibility are developed through ownership, communication with outside agencies and completing the task to a high standard

Relevance to curriculum

  • Permeates various curricular areas- ICT, PSD, Language, Mathematics, Art, Financial Education, Environmental Studies
  • Purposeful and functional use of numeracy and communication skills, ownership and responsibility for learning, ICT skills, written language skills and financial constraints in a true to life context

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