Holidays, Then and Now

Through developing an understanding of people's holiday habits in the local area during the time of the boom in shipbuilding on the Clyde in the late 19th/early 20th century, learners will work in teams to plan a holiday 'Doon the Watter' around that time. By considering health and safety issues in the shipyards and in current workplaces, pupils will discuss why people need a break from work and why they might choose to go away from home for a holiday. Learners will compare health and safety in the early 20th and 21st centuries, and consider factors affecting different holiday choices then and now, including the budget available to the average family for a holiday. After considering the impact of global tourism on the environment, learners will design a leaflet and/or website promoting holiday Doon the Watter to current families.

Broad Outcomes of learning

Learners will:

  • Enhance their knowledge of the nature and uses of the River Clyde by putting their learning into real context
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of health and safety issues in the workplace, how these have changed since the early 20th century, how legislation impacts on modern workplaces, and why breaks from work and holidays are necessary for people's health and wellbeing
  • Develop an appreciation of the considerations citizens face when planning a holiday, such as budget, time constraints and environmental impact
  • Develop enterprising skills in promoting their local area for holidays, taking into consideration people's needs and wants from a holiday
  • Behave as confident individuals when conducting market research among friends, family and teachers to inform the content of their holiday leaflets and/or websites
  • Develop the skills required to be effective contributors when working in groups with classmates, participating in decision-making, timekeeping, recording and reporting;
  • Develop respect for others and for the environment
  • Develop an understanding of the impact of global tourism on the environment

Relevance to curriculum

  • Supports CfE Social Studies

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