River Use support materials

A briefing document has been included plus links to organisations using the river, museums and other history resources.

Resource Title Short Description Type
River Use Theme briefing on river use past present and future. Also see On the Clyde section and the River Basin theme. PDF (61 KB)
Yoker Renfrew Ferry SPT continue to operate a passenger ferry across the Clyde betwen Yoker and Renfrew. Web link
Transport Museum The Transport Museum has a large collection of ship models. These will be moving to the new museum at Glasgow Harbour around 2010. Web link
The Tall Shop The Tall Ship at Glasgow Harbour offers a chance to tour a working sailing ship. The Glenlee first took to the water as a bulk cargo carrier in 1896. She circumnavigated the globe four times before being bought by the Spanish navy in 1922 and being turned into a sail training vessel. Web link
Sea Force Seaforce provides training, safety and workboat services cover on the Clyde and further afield. They also offer fast powerboat rides. They run from the Tall Ship at Glasgow Harbour to the city centre, Erskine Bridge, Dumbarton Rock, Kilcreggan and sometimes further afield. Web link
Scottish Maritime Museum The Scottish Maritime Museum is actually three museums each telling part of the story of the Clyde. Clydebuilt at Braehead tells the story of the river with the Denny Tank in Dumbarton showing part of the shiop design process. There is also a larger museum in Irvine. Web link
River clyde Users Users group for a range of interests in the river facilitated by Glasgow City Council. Website includes contact details for all member organisations. Web link
Pride o' the Clyde The Pride o the Clyde is operated by Clyde Water Bus Services and runs regularly between central Glasgow and Brahead. It is also available for charters and offers packages for schools in partnership with the Clydebuilt Museum. Web link
Waverley Sail down the Clyde on the Waverley - the world's last sea-going paddle steamer provides a direct link with the past and the opportunity to sail in the style of a bygone age. Web link
Clyde Marine Although based in Greenock, Clyde Marine's vessles can often be seen in Glasgow. They provide a wide range of charter services for business, education and pleasure Web link
Glasgow Rowing Club One of many rowing clubs based at Glasgow Green. Web link
Glasgow Humane Society A historic charitable organisation still playing a role in ensuring public safety on the river. Based at Glasgow Green. Web link
Glasgow College of Nautical Studies The college, based in the Gorbals, uses the river for training purposes and is also the base for fire and rescue services on the river. They have plans to expand their water based facilities. Web link
Clydesite - Voluntary History Site Clydesite - The Clyde Shipping & Shipbuilding Site. A collection of websites that mainly centre on maritime matters including information about shipyards and ships built on the Clyde. Web link
BAE Systems - Type 45 Destroyer Site devoted to details of the Type 45 destroyer currently under construction at their Govan and Scotstoun shipyards. Web link
BAE Systems - Future Aircaft Carrier Govan and Scotstoun will have an important role to play in the construction of new aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy. Web link
Adam Scrap Metal Adam operate a scrap metal processing and export service at King George V Dock. Web link
Christie - Lobnitz at Renfrew Christie and son is a Renfrew business which uses the former Lobnitz shipyard dock to load scrap metal onto ships. Web link
EMR Metal Recycling Load ships with scrap metal at the former Barclay Curle shipyard. Web link