River basin - habitat

This lesson/project idea will develop knowledge and understanding of wildlife in and around the Clyde and due to environmental efforts, the impact of human intervention in aiding the re-growth of wildlife. Learners will apply this knowledge in an advertising context. Young people will work in 'advertising teams' to produce the brochures which will be judged in a competition by the business partners.  The winning brochure to be used to promote success of environmental impact through linked schools, local authority promotions, local media awareness raising, etc.

Broad Outcomes of learning

  • Subject knowledge gained and enhanced
  • Enterprising skills and attitudes developed (CfE) through
  • Learning successfully in a real life context and conducting research on the theme,
  • Developing confidence working on a real project with purpose
  • Participating in active, responsible citizenship project to improve the environment
  • Pupils taking responsibility for their learning through making decisions and becoming effective contributors

Relevance to curriculum

  • Supports CfE Science

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