Molecules and ions challenge

'Why ionic and covalent compounds are important to our water systems.' Learners select in groups a different area of ionic and covalent bonding to explain from the individual group 'challenges'.  (See attached teacher guide). This work will form a final display which will not only explain ionic and covalent bonding, but show the relevance of ionic and covalent bonding to the wider word.  Specifically environmental and medical. Their final products can be photographed or displayed for other departments to use in related topics. A write up in the school newsletter about application of learning in Chemistry. An exhibition for parents - which can consist of photographs of the finished displays - allows parents a window into the classroom and an understanding of the relevance of pupil's learning to the wider world.

Broad Outcomes of learning

  • Gained improved understanding of ionic and covalent bonding and the properties of these substances
  • Enhanced learning and improved assessment grades for Topic 7
  • Applied learning in a real, problem solving exercise
  • Provided support for other subject areas by way of a resource for learning

Relevance to curriculum

  • Supports CfE Science

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