Team building skills development

Learning to work together as teams of 'engineers' by competing to create the bridge which can carry the greatest load. The focus of this lesson is to encourage teamwork by developing communication, problem solving and design skills to build a bridge. To develop these skills in real life context, the bridge will be designed to celebrate the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Enterprising skills improved by developing creativity, confidence, increasing motivation to learning; taking responsibility and making decisions; consideration of others through group work and discussion; raising achievement and fostering ambition 
• Developed employability skills: communication, planning, organisation, time management, co-operating, contributing, negotiating, presenting 
• Pupils take responsibility for their learning through making decisions as a group about their company and design 
• Learners have developed 4 capacities of CfE

Relevance to curriculum

• Addresses EiE and CfE agendas

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