Handel’s Water Music

This project idea will develop a knowledge and understanding of the elements of music (through visiting the Clydeside to gain an understanding of how water may inspire musical composition), applying this to the compositional process used in Handel's Water Music and how the orchestra is used. Young people will work independently, in pairs and in teams with the task of presenting a summary of their findings to their peers and parents in the form of a solo/team talk and project presentation at parent's night. Learners will also learn to play an arrangement of the main theme of Handel's Water Music in a group performance.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Subject knowledge gained and enhanced through developing an understanding and knowledge of how the elements of music are used to create music with a water theme 
• Employability skills enhanced - application of knowledge in a real situation through presenting their project to parents at an S1/2 parent's night 
• Pupils take responsibility for their learning through making decisions about the research process and content of their final presentation and performance. 
• Learners have developed enterprising skills identified as 4 capacities of CfE

Relevance to curriculum

• Appropriate for CfE Curriculum: 
• Baroque listening and concept knowledge and understanding through analysis of Handel's Water Music 
• Knowledge and Understanding of Instruments of the orchestra 
• Develop performing skills on chosen instruments through rehearsing and performing Handel's Water Music

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