Exhibition of buildings for the 21st century

Developing knowledge and understanding of the development of the Clyde waterfront, learners will critically reflect on the work of the designers by analysing a variety of buildings used for retail, leisure, business and other purposes using a variety of media. Working in groups, they will look at design and purpose, and compare and contrast these buildings with the ones in their local environment. They will produce displays of these new buildings using a variety of media for an exhibition.

Broad Outcomes of learning

• Learners have developed a greater understanding of building design and purpose by putting learning into a real context 
• Enterprising skills and confidence developed by working as part of a team 
• Effective contributions made by taking roles and responsibilities seriously by working as part of a team

Relevance to curriculum

• Supports CfE Art & Design curriculum 
• Supports CfE Writing curriculum - functional writing 
• Supports CfE Environmental Studies - Technology/ICT 
• Supports CfE Mathematics curriculum - information handling 
• Relevance of design process and how this is impacts on real life

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